Saturday, December 27, 2008

Scrolling Stationery Tutorial for Letter Creator

There are 2 tutorials on my base site : for "Scrolling Stationery" . Many have suceeded at creating the scrolling letters after using these tutorials ... although a bit lengthy ... they are in great detail and I put a lot of time and love into them to help you create one also. If you need any help- please do not hesitate to email me - I have my information on the tutorial site as well - I love helping , so please do not feel that you are putting me out. It does help if you zip your contents folder and send to me so I can help you though, so please be sure to attach it ;-)
I also want to say " Thank you" to the many who have sent me their outcomes of their scrolling stats... I love them all. Keep them coming lol. Thanks as well, to those who have left such beautiful guestbook entries .. I read each and every input and it does encourage me to write more tutorials.
For those of you who have not been to the tutorial yet .. you can get there by visiting... click on Enter.. go to the description page and near the bottom is a drop down menu . In that drop down menu is a link for ' Tutorials" . Highlight that and click "Go" and you will be on your way to the tutorials. Please when giving credit in the footers of your stats for the tutorial - link back to the main page instead of the page the tutorial is on... the reason is so that the tou's are read before doing the tutorial. I appreciate everyone taking time to link back to the first page.
I have indeed seen and have confronted a few who have "re-written" the tutorial that helped them create a scrolling stationery. That is so not cool.
Ok , back to a better note here. Remember , if you need a hand- I do not bite... Send me an e-mail and I'll be in touch with you asap.
Hugs, TammyJo

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