Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Products in The Creativity Box

Yes, lol, I'm back again.......
Just posting the two latest items that I have placed in " The Creativity Box" . I know the small size of the previews do smoosh them down a lot but in order for them to fit on here - I had to resize to this size..... sorry... but you can see them in larger size - over at " The Creativity Box" - Click " HERE" to take a peek. There are some fantastic designers in there and there have been new items added.
I've added a new service to the shops that you can visit by clicking on the blinkies over to the right hand side here.
Preview services :


Also - some " Create a conversation hearts '

I'm working on my Valentines kit for the Valentines Convoy blog train which is coming up pretty quickly.. So be sure to keep taking a peek at my other blog - Click " HERE" to peek over there. All the blog trains will be on that blog... I hope everyone is having a great night.
Yes, I'm coming back with one more thing for the night and then I'm heading off to bed...... So see ya in just a few.
TammyJo aka *TJ*

"The only limits we have are those we put on ourselves."

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