Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Blog Set Added to HeartzBeatz Creationz

Last night I mentioned to you all that I am the " Featured Designer " at HeartzBeatz Creationz and that I would be adding more items as the time goes along- here is one of those items. There will be more ... so keep checking back. You can take a sneek peek at what this would look like on your blog by viewing my other blog- I put it up to give everyone a sneak preview. So click " Here" to see it on a blog.. If you go to Heartzbeatz Creationz and pick it up during the weeks I am "featured designer" - you can save 25 percent...... so why not save yourself a bit and get it now. The code to add it is included in the zip file along with the terms of use.. Click on the image to add your new " blog look" to the cart. While there, take a peek around because the shop is growing nicely and has lots of goodies in there. ( Hope to see you there ! )



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