Sunday, March 8, 2009

Posting about RME - Ever Hear of it ?

RME.... Ever hear of it ?

Please Read...Normally, I would not add something like this to a site / nor even share it via e-mail.... but this is for real and with everyone having hard times financially, ... every little bit helps ...

For those of you who use paypal or even those of you who dont ... You need to read the below.
RME ( revolution money exchange ) is a chance to experience another route of accepting payments for your online shop or store . And the good thing is that there is no "fee" to send payment or to receive payment. ( But both must have RME to use it )...

In order to sign up without having to show a utility bill etc.. You need an invite from me. :) So, if you want one, email me and I'll send it. :) .

Once you get the invitation or click on the button over to the right on the blog : Make sure you fill out your account information to get things rolling..

The button - will take you to the proper place to sign up and will be under my name as it has my name linked to it for referral. Again, this "referral" keeps you from having to show them a utility bill to sign up.

What do you have to lose ? Give it a try. I love it !

Thanks for reading...TammyJo

There is a button over on the ever growing right hand side in the Please Read section if you want to use it to sign up. I'm going to take the text out to shorten the right hand side of my blog so - that is the reason for this particular post plus it is a great place to have an account so spreading the news at the same time.

Hoping everyone is doing well !
Did you set your clocks ??? LOL

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