Tuesday, April 14, 2009

CT Member Sheila Created Freebies For You

CT Member Sheila created some very beautiful Easter Tags for you using my PTU " Hoppy Easter" Scrap Kit. She made " Extra's" and she made name tags for the members of her sig tag group as well. If you are not in her sig tag group then you are missing out on some beautiful sig tags. Take a peek below:

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Isn't this lovely ? I adore it and the lovely tag with my name on it too ;-) Thanks so much Sheila !!!! You can get these beautiful " Extra's " by visiting Sheila's blog by clicking " HERE" .
While you are there, take a peek around at all the lovely items she creates. She does more than just a great job at "everything" she does. There are some goodies on her blog that you can snag while there.... please do leave her a " Thank You" if you do. A " Thank you" goes a long ways. Also, if you are interested in signing up for her signature tag group , you can do that by clicking " Sign up for Sheila's Sig Tags"
She has other groups as well. Oh yes lol. She's a busy one. I will tell you this ... You won't be disappointed by signing up for all of them. Another is " Sheila's Shares" .
How does this woman do all she does? She's now working as well. Plus, she sells at Commercial Use. Whew, it wears me out just thinking about trying to keep up with her lol.

Thanks again Sheila for everything!
Hugs and G'Night everyone.
Sweet Dreams.
TammyJo aka *TJ*

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