Friday, May 8, 2009

Magick of Love Charity Kit Up for sale NOW...

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The purpose of this kit is to raise money as an offering of love for a friend from her friends, to help ease some of the burden or expenses. Her husband is battling cancer & with the stress on her & him, we thought we'd offer a little something to help try to ease a little of that stress.

So here is the link that it will be sold at: Desired Designs ~N~ Scraps

I went to look and there are 24 downloads. Certainly worth the cost of the kit. You are not only getting this huge kit - but also helping someone at the same time.



Angie said...

Thanks so much Tammy for helping with this kit and posting it!!!!!

SabrinaDesign said...

Hi Tammy!!! You've been Tagged!!!
Stop by my blog:
to see what you've been tagged for.

Pink said...

Wow that is some sized kit! Thanks for stopping by :) If you hear anything about the problems I am having with PSP graphics and vista please let me know, it is so Photoshops not so bad but then I'm not good with
Hope your doing ok, feel free to drop by anytime :)
Pink xx