Friday, December 4, 2009


Oh my goodness- I put up snowflakes for the Christmas gift and it put a whammy on me- it's snowing . LOL. Big, fat, fluffy white flakes ! Is it snowing where you are ? BTW- I'm in Michigan. Near Frankenmuth for those who didn't know. Hey ! Thanks for the messages ( you know who you are ;-) Much appreciated.

Hugs and don't forget - the Christmas gift links will remain there throughout December ( maybe longer -who knows ) so you can get them even if you got a late start .

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Monkey Toes Too said...

Keep the snow there. It's dry down in Dearborn. Although, my husband has to deliver a load to Flint Truck & Bus so he'll be in that mess later on.

tiggconn said...

So sorry, hun!

Jackie said...

Hi Tammy, Yes! It's snowing big time here in Calgary. There is a snowstorm watch . It's a blizzard outside and it's frightening.

Jessica said...

Hi Tammy I am in southwest Michigan and it has been snowing here too. Not too much right now but we have a good coating.