Monday, March 22, 2010


Hi !  It's been awhile since I've input so I decided to input.  LOL ..... I've been pretty busy when not too sick to be near the computer working on stores and such ... I have to tell you though.... sick or not ..... I would never miss one of the X Factor shows that have the  FIREFLIES in action.  IF you haven't heard these girls yet ... please do make time to do so.  They are Fantabulous together !

You may recognize one of the Fireflies ?  Go way down to the bottom of my blog ... yep way down there - I didn't want her being in the part of the blog that changes so go on down there lol and you will see a you tube video type box with " Henriette" and her youtube video/songs that she has done..... Yes, she is one of the FireFlies... Recognize her ?

You can go to youtube and type in  FireFlies and see / listen to the songs they have sang together.  They are just FANTABULOUS...   The url above is the official home page of the FireFlies... Keep your eye on them - they are moving forward .. though they did not make it to the finals on X Factor - they are going to " Move Forward" and me ?  I'm going to keep my eye out for their CD and grab it as soon as it is available.!!!! Haha ;-)

I do hope everyone is well !
Hugs ,
TammyJo aka *TJ*
( Okay, I had to try to embed one of their youtube videos from X Factor - hopefully it works. )

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