Thursday, April 1, 2010

New Forum and Website for the fans of the FireFlies

 Popping in with another update.  Henriette's Aunt, Inger ( Soto Creations ) has made a new fan club site for all the Fireflies Fans to visit and get to know one another etc.  Come check it out.  Here is the url to the website  You will be able to hear the songs they sang on X Factor with the chit chat parts clipped off which most of us couldn't understand as it was in Danish language ... I do believe..... so this way you wont have to sit for a long wait once clicking on play because it goes straight to the songs.  That is not all that is new ...... her Aunt also created a forum for the fans...... you can chit chat with other fans..... leave messages for the FireFlies ..... get to know the FireFlies better by reading their bio's and you can even leave messages for each lady or for all 3 ....if they get some free time .... they may even reply so come on over and register to show your support to these ladies and to stay updated on the latest news by stopping in .  The forum is for fans to get to know one another also so be sure to come and introduce yourself..... there are some intro's already input so if you are like me ( forum challenged lol ) you can read previous input and get an idea of how to do it so that it doesn't make you uncomfortable.  We'd love to see you join us..... There may be some news soon that you wont want to miss sooo come on over ..... Forum registration is able to be done by going to the top of the website on the first url above ...over to the right hand corner you will see forum and can click to be taken there or you can go directly to the forum to register by clicking here :
Just don't forget if you register at the forum first , to also make a visit to the website so you can view the lovely video's of the ladies singing ... oh and there is also a gallery to check out..... so whatchya think ?  Will I see you there soon?  I hope so.......
TammyJo aka *TJ*

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