Saturday, July 3, 2010

Please help ! Please Vote ! Please forward

Please help!  Please Vote !  Please forward to friends and have them vote for EDS also.  We need your help.  We are slipping and we can not afford to slip.  Help us please.  If you already voted- you can still help.  Read below and please , please- get your friends to vote also.  We NEED your help.  Too many have already lost loved ones due to this illness.  

Also if you have voted - double check to see that it went through.  The steps below have to be followed for the vote to take an actual count.  

Voting for EDS Today to win up to $250,000 in funding is a two step process.
1. First you have to 'like' the chase application.
2. Then you need to vote for EDS Today.
Please double check that your vote counted!
Directions and link in comment section
comment-please go to this link
In the 'act now' column if it says 'vote', please vote by clicking it-

To use a gift vote for voting it must be sent to you by someone else. It can not be one you earned by voting. Your gift votes you earn yourself have to be sent to other people who have not used a gift vote for your charity of choice yet. There is a two vote max per charity, a personal vote and a gift vote from a friend can be used to meet the max vote allowed.

If you have one sent to you by someone else it will show up in the wrapped present icon on the upper right hand side of the chase application pages. If you have one to send someone it will also show up there as well. Gift votes can be saved until someone who has not met the two vote max can be found so it pays to check and make sure someone has not already voted twice before sending them yours and asking them to use the vote for your charity is allowed too.

If you "liked" chase you did not vote for eds today unless you actually voted. "Like" and "vote" are not one and the same. If you "unliked" chase your vote was erased and does not count.

If you clicked "attend" for an event asking you to vote, you also did not vote. You must use the voting link to "like" chase and then click the vote button. Please check under 'leaderboad" "my votes" and if the vote registered it would say "Thanks."

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