Monday, May 7, 2012

Hello, Hello ,Hello.........

Wow, talk about being behind ! Or ........ is it  " Talk about being so busy that I haven't had time to push out any freebies"........ or is it .... "I'm working on zen cart stores"  or is it " I spend a lot of time with the words for friends game on face book?"  ..... How about a bit of each ?  Because , it really is a little bit of each and of course.. my condition and family life.  The days are just going too darn fast.  
Today is a rainy stay in bed type of day but I'm sitting here at the table typing away on my normal size keyboard and a wireless mouse on a ten inch laptop because my ten year old monitor decided to leave me a few days ago.  I was in the middle of typing an email and it just went black ..... oh and the smell...... we won't go there.  ( nasty )... so tomorrow , I should be receiving a brand new, larger monitor which will seem gigantic compared to this itty bitty screen.  LOL.  I can hardly wait.  You really never do realize what you have until you do not have it any longer.  I miss being able to tube my mothers paintings /drawings but it's like impossible on this size monitor.  It wont be much longer anyhow so I will just wait it out and be thankful that I have a new monitor to use soon.    Not sure if you've stopped in at Crafty Delight lately or not but if you haven't you really should.  TCSweets is having a Buy my store sale for only $5,00... ....... there is always something hiding somewhere in the store for FREE as well and of course zen cart services along with any other type of website you may be wanting.  I know hosts are coming out with a lot of do it yourself type websites but to be honest... WYSINWYG.  What you see IS NOT what you get.  I wont go into detail because I am not the type to slam anything or anyone in particular other than with what I wrote already.... In the end...... the decision is yours but..... wouldn't most want the best.?  I believe that all manual installers are better than having zen cart installed by an installation button offered by a host..... Like I was always get what you pay for .  Enough on that ...... so anyhow if you haven't been to Crafty Delight stop on in and check out the store each week for a hidden freebie....who knows, you might even find more than one !   There will be more hand made goodies going in also created bu more than one designer so keep your eyes open for that as well..  I hope to keep this blog more active than it has been as well  but things happen so I won't make promises ... but stop by and see if anything new has been added.... I have a lot of idea's up my just to get time to put those ideas to use :-)
I have missed you all and hope to see more of you again.
TammyJo aka *TJ*

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