Saturday, January 25, 2014

Melting Snowman [Pink] - $1.60 : Crafty Delight: Digital and more store!

Melting Snowman [Pink] - $1.60 : Crafty Delight: Digital and more store!  Just look at all the winter scripts Pink has on sale /for sale at Pink's Crafty Delight store.   The winter kits you could make .... for those of you who do not use scripts ...she has templates included with her scripts ... Seriously, do you want to miss out on this huge sale and get the BEST scripts/templates EVER ?  No..... you don't want to miss out... Spread the word because the sale is not going to last forever .. Psssssst !  Pink has her own store now ......Save by buying at her shop now ....who knows what other plans are up her sleeve for future goodies as well.....guess you better bookmark her store and not only get there ASAP but also check back often to see what new goodies she has created and what she will be having for sale EXCLUSIVE to Pink's Crafty Delight !?  Spread the word..... Your friends need to know about this great news also.  See you soon !

Cute Cute Cute !   And there are even more Penguins among other fantabulous scripts ready to buy Now.. and on SALE...... No one wants to miss out on a sale .....and especially a sale on scripts/templates created by Pink !  ( Pink's Poetic Scraps )  Click the hyperlink and check them out .....and don't forget to inform your friends.  See you there !  

Hugs, TJ

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

 Don't miss this great sale at a great store !  Read on below. 

It is time so come on over to Twisted BoutiqueWe are celebrating iDSD with a HUGE sale. 75% OFF EVERYTHING. If you have never tried Twisted Boutique now is the time to try it. And if you are already a fan maybe you can now stock up on all those packs and kits you just must have for your scrapbook art/visual journal and ATC stash.
Also be sure to check out the store through out the week to find random products changed to FREEBIES. They will not be announced so you will have to find them by browsing the store. Happy Hunting!
Coupons will also be sent out to random people that share the stores blog/store/FB Fan Page linkspin my products or blog posts on Pinterest comments on the ~ We R Soto blog ~ or FB fan page or actively participate in forum. So time to have some fun and maybe you will find a coupon coming your way!
If unable to get in touch with you to deliver your coupon. Your name will be posted on the blog so be sure to check back daily.
Happy iDSD!
See you there !!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hey Everyone ~ I am still around.....

How many hobbies do you have ?  If you are anything like me.... the answer is ."  There is no such thing as too many hobbies.."   and that is true.  LOL.  I love doing a variety of things.  On the computer and off the computer.  Digital Scrapbooking and real life scrapbooking and sometimes even digital scrapbooking that comes to life just by clicking print..... * PLEASE CHECK FIRST TO BE SURE THAT IS ALLOWED by reading the Artists items used TERMS OF USE *    I have recently picked up yet another hobby and it is rubber stamping ...... all new for me .... I have been scrapbooking for years but boy I feel a wee bit dense when it comes to rubber stamping creations.   But .... I now have the ability to learn it... Yesssss !
My friend has become a consultant in a program named  " Close to My Heart" .... its not just rubber stamping , but scrap booking,, card making , scrap layouts ......that you can do right there at her online store.  It is the neatest online rubber stamping store like this that I have seen !  Go visit my friend Debbie Reed's store and do some shopping , or maybe even sign up to host a party ?  Create a layout etc.  You wont be disappointed.  There are so many idea's etc...... you cant say your bored once you get involved in giving your loved ones homemade cards .... for Holidays,  Birthday, Graduation etc.   How about a Get well card ?  Cards mean  so much more when you have created them yourself. ..How about cheering someone up today, by creating a card or layout for them ?  What ? No occasion going on right now for any family members or friends at this time ?  Oh yes there is :-) Indeed there is always a reason!  How about an " I love you " card or " a Just because " card ?  Or a layout with one of your favorite images with a friend that both of you hold special memories of ? ... your friend will treasure it forever.... It can be framed or sitting out in your home so that every time your friend walks past it ..... her face breaking out a smile.......  
Now before I talk your eyes off ..... haha... click on this hyperlink and visit my friend Debbies blog ...  look at all the goodies she has been creating etc then click on her blinkie or shopping cart to visit her new online store.   Don't forget to check out the studio where you can create a layout right there without having to pay just to go into that area to create one.  You do have to sign up there but it's free.  You can save your item to work more on it later and/ or print it out or have them print it out for you and send to you for a fee.  Read more about that when you get to the store... you will be delighted.

Congrats on your new job ... Debbie R.  I am looking forward to becoming addicted to a few more creating projects in the near future.  May success be yours as well as everyone else's that creates for loved ones with products ordered through you.  Hugs !  .... Cheers !!  Love ya ~
Psssssst, don't forget to click on Debbie's link .
Enjoy !   Love TJ
P.s.  Yes, you will be seeing more input from me on my blog again.  I can't believe how long it has been with my posts  .. I have been super busy with zen cart installations/customizations / adding mods/ creating personal web sites etc.  I love doing it all too ... but I do miss all of you I am definitely going to come back and give some freebies here and there as I used to.  Hoping all of you are doing well ?  

Monday, May 7, 2012

Hello, Hello ,Hello.........

Wow, talk about being behind ! Or ........ is it  " Talk about being so busy that I haven't had time to push out any freebies"........ or is it .... "I'm working on zen cart stores"  or is it " I spend a lot of time with the words for friends game on face book?"  ..... How about a bit of each ?  Because , it really is a little bit of each and of course.. my condition and family life.  The days are just going too darn fast.  
Today is a rainy stay in bed type of day but I'm sitting here at the table typing away on my normal size keyboard and a wireless mouse on a ten inch laptop because my ten year old monitor decided to leave me a few days ago.  I was in the middle of typing an email and it just went black ..... oh and the smell...... we won't go there.  ( nasty )... so tomorrow , I should be receiving a brand new, larger monitor which will seem gigantic compared to this itty bitty screen.  LOL.  I can hardly wait.  You really never do realize what you have until you do not have it any longer.  I miss being able to tube my mothers paintings /drawings but it's like impossible on this size monitor.  It wont be much longer anyhow so I will just wait it out and be thankful that I have a new monitor to use soon.    Not sure if you've stopped in at Crafty Delight lately or not but if you haven't you really should.  TCSweets is having a Buy my store sale for only $5,00... ....... there is always something hiding somewhere in the store for FREE as well and of course zen cart services along with any other type of website you may be wanting.  I know hosts are coming out with a lot of do it yourself type websites but to be honest... WYSINWYG.  What you see IS NOT what you get.  I wont go into detail because I am not the type to slam anything or anyone in particular other than with what I wrote already.... In the end...... the decision is yours but..... wouldn't most want the best.?  I believe that all manual installers are better than having zen cart installed by an installation button offered by a host..... Like I was always get what you pay for .  Enough on that ...... so anyhow if you haven't been to Crafty Delight stop on in and check out the store each week for a hidden freebie....who knows, you might even find more than one !   There will be more hand made goodies going in also created bu more than one designer so keep your eyes open for that as well..  I hope to keep this blog more active than it has been as well  but things happen so I won't make promises ... but stop by and see if anything new has been added.... I have a lot of idea's up my just to get time to put those ideas to use :-)
I have missed you all and hope to see more of you again.
TammyJo aka *TJ*

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

End of November already..

I can't believe November is almost over.  Where does the time go ?  I feel like I never get anything done anymore because time goes by so fast.  How about you?  Are you ready for the white fluff  and Christmas?

Hope everyone is doing well.  I am going to make some time to create somehow..... so hopefully, you will see a bit more of me than you have been.

TammyJo aka TJ

Monday, August 29, 2011

Grand Opening ! 30 % off on everything all week long.

Grand opening at Twisted Scrapper
Items being added as time permits so keep coming back. 
Save 30 % on everything in the store.
See you there. .  Click on the graphic or the hyperlink above.
If your still unable to get there .....type into your browser.
Don't miss out..  Be sure to tell your friends also !

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