Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It's Wacky Wednesday at TCB-Read Below

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We have 50% off our products
Some are 50 cents
1 day Only!!
8th April
Plus get a free Grab Bag with a $10 Purchase

See you there ?
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Pink said...

Hey sorry for the delay, I've been so busy! Yet I still found time to make another kit and test out Amazing how we can squeeze in PSP ;) Thanks so much for explaining that for me, it really was a big help as I had no clue what it I have found the dpi settings on PSP now and notice that when you resize they alter automatically, is this right? Well it saves me worrying about it knowing it does it for me, even if its not meant I am feeling a little chuffed with myself today, not only did I create my first pre-set shape but today marks 18 weeks since I stopped smoking :D Sorry been feeling the need to share that with the world
You said something in your note about bandwidth? I can e-mail you any kits you would like to play with if that would help? :) I am not sure what bandwidth is but I have never had an issue with it. Let me know which ones and I will pop them in a e-mail for you :) I've spent most of the evening trying to get my preview to look half way decent, I seem to really suck at Well it is 12.30 am so I am away now, take care hunni and speak soon!
Pink xx

P.s Oh I love your Easter kit! It is to cute! :D