Thursday, January 15, 2009

Collab Kit Contributors Wanted

Hi everyone,

You know how good it makes one feel to help others out but we often don't have the finances to help someone ? Well, you can make a big difference by contributing to a collaboration scrapkit that is in the making. This kit is for " A Family's Hope" .. There is a color palette which I will add here, just right click and save. - and please do forward onward or send your friends here to pick it up and see if they too would like to contribute ... Every little bit helps. Please read below for more information.

Tagger's size kits. ( Will take full size if you prefer to work with full size kits ) . We provide the colors and you provide your own theme. ( so one can create a birthday kit while another may create a winter kit etc etc. Your choice )

Here is the color scheme...


Color codes left to right..
#91BDE2, #A4CAEE, #91BDE2, #90BEE2, #E3D0E6, #9A798C, #A5CFF7, #835293, and #B0D0F6

Please make a preview to go with your kit. Please be sure to include a tou information with your kit as well that way we can get all info included.
Kits need to be completed and turned in by Jan.20th and the kit will be available in a few stores for purchasing. All monies will go to the family.

Do you have a few seconds to spare to help " A Family's Hope" become " A Family Reality"?

Feel free to e-mail me for any questions ...

Hugs and hope to hear from you soon.



Franny said...


I have an award on my blog for you on my blog at picklebeans dot blogspot dot com.

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Franny said...

I have an award on my blog for you hun.