Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hey Everyone ~ I am still around.....

How many hobbies do you have ?  If you are anything like me.... the answer is ."  There is no such thing as too many hobbies.."   and that is true.  LOL.  I love doing a variety of things.  On the computer and off the computer.  Digital Scrapbooking and real life scrapbooking and sometimes even digital scrapbooking that comes to life just by clicking print..... * PLEASE CHECK FIRST TO BE SURE THAT IS ALLOWED by reading the Artists items used TERMS OF USE *    I have recently picked up yet another hobby and it is rubber stamping ...... all new for me .... I have been scrapbooking for years but boy I feel a wee bit dense when it comes to rubber stamping creations.   But .... I now have the ability to learn it... Yesssss !
My friend has become a consultant in a program named  " Close to My Heart" .... its not just rubber stamping , but scrap booking,, card making , scrap layouts ......that you can do right there at her online store.  It is the neatest online rubber stamping store like this that I have seen !  Go visit my friend Debbie Reed's store and do some shopping , or maybe even sign up to host a party ?  Create a layout etc.  You wont be disappointed.  There are so many idea's etc...... you cant say your bored once you get involved in giving your loved ones homemade cards .... for Holidays,  Birthday, Graduation etc.   How about a Get well card ?  Cards mean  so much more when you have created them yourself. ..How about cheering someone up today, by creating a card or layout for them ?  What ? No occasion going on right now for any family members or friends at this time ?  Oh yes there is :-) Indeed there is always a reason!  How about an " I love you " card or " a Just because " card ?  Or a layout with one of your favorite images with a friend that both of you hold special memories of ? ... your friend will treasure it forever.... It can be framed or sitting out in your home so that every time your friend walks past it ..... her face breaking out a smile.......  
Now before I talk your eyes off ..... haha... click on this hyperlink and visit my friend Debbies blog ...  look at all the goodies she has been creating etc then click on her blinkie or shopping cart to visit her new online store.   Don't forget to check out the studio where you can create a layout right there without having to pay just to go into that area to create one.  You do have to sign up there but it's free.  You can save your item to work more on it later and/ or print it out or have them print it out for you and send to you for a fee.  Read more about that when you get to the store... you will be delighted.

Congrats on your new job ... Debbie R.  I am looking forward to becoming addicted to a few more creating projects in the near future.  May success be yours as well as everyone else's that creates for loved ones with products ordered through you.  Hugs !  .... Cheers !!  Love ya ~
Psssssst, don't forget to click on Debbie's link .
Enjoy !   Love TJ
P.s.  Yes, you will be seeing more input from me on my blog again.  I can't believe how long it has been with my posts  .. I have been super busy with zen cart installations/customizations / adding mods/ creating personal web sites etc.  I love doing it all too ... but I do miss all of you I am definitely going to come back and give some freebies here and there as I used to.  Hoping all of you are doing well ?  


DebR said...

Thank you are such a beautiful friend. Thank you for all that you do for me.
love ya!

Inger Soto said...

Hi TJ, was just checking the blogroll at and was surprised to see only 3 blogs still around. You being one of them :) Guess it time to re-populate the blogroll with new exciting blogs :)
How are you doing? Stop by wersoto and sign up for the new forum. I am sure we can set something up for rubberstamping too. That could be fun, and who knows maybe you can get me hooked on yet another hobby LOL
PS: the email addy is still the same too, so dont be a stranger :)